Five Unexpected Questions to Ask When You’re Looking for Your Child’s First Dance Studio

By Natalie Perkins

When it comes to enrolling your child in their first organized activity, it can make a parent feel a little anxious with all of the unknowns...will they enjoy it? Will the teacher be understanding that this is their first activity? Will they listen well enough? Will they learn anything by participating? What happens if they have a total meltdown? These are all valid fears but there are some fantastic questions you can ask before enrolling to gauge if this is the right activity for your child and specifically if this is the right dance class!

  1. Are all of the students new or will my dancer be joining students who have been participating for a long time? Joining a class where there is more than one new student is a great way for your child (and you!) to feel more comfortable learning the ropes! It also provides an opportunity to make new friends when everyone is on equal footing (pun intended!)
  2. What is the expectation for attention span in your toddler classes? Most of the frustration both parents and kids experience with toddler classes is a mis match of expectations when it comes to philosophies on how long a toddler can participate in a specific set of instructions. Asking this question will help determine if this is a good fit for your dancer!
  3. Is the class ultimately for fun or learning? Again this is a good question to determine if this class style will be a good match for you. Are you looking for an opportunity to socialize your toddler and that class happens to be dance or are you looking for dance instruction where socialization is a secondary consideration?
  4. How long is the time commitment and what happens if my child looses interest? Often times, enrollment in dance classes is a 10 month commitment, which can seem like an eternity for a toddler! Does this studio offer a short time commitment option (like Bella Ballerina!) or do they have a policy for how to bow out if your child becomes disinterested in classes?
  5. What is the investment outside of tuition? Often times the hidden cost of any activity is in the gear and accessories. Does this studio require a specific uniform or can you purchase shoes, leotards, tights and tutus anywhere you like? Also do they have those items on site so that it’s convenient for you to find in such small sizes or on short notice?
Asking these questions should give you a clear picture if this is the right studio for you and your family! s will help you determine if the dance studio you are interested in is a good fit for your family!